Cebu Caritas’ Statement on the 2022 National and Local Elections


The May 9 national and local elections is not a popularity contest. It is about choosing the right people who are true servant leaders. They are the women and men who can rise above their own personal interests and put the welfare of the Filipino people above everything else. They are the principled public servants who believe in and practice the core values of good governance.

Fairness. Integrity. Transparency. Accountability.

The campaign period has given the electorate enough time and opportunity to examine closely the candidates’ credentials and platforms.

Are we now ready to make that crucial choice? Do we cast our lot with those who will lead us on the road to redemption? Or do we waste this golden opportunity and, instead, vote for those who will lead us to perdition?

“The Church values the democratic system inasmuch as it ensures the participation of the citizens in making political choices, guarantees to the governed the possibility of both electing and holding accountable those who govern them…” (John Paul II, Centessimus Annus, #46).

The electoral process is not merely an exercise of our sacred right and duty. Rather, it also speaks to us as a nation. The sanctity of the process should be respected. Our vote is our choice for hope—hope for a better Filipino nation.

How we vote and who we vote for is a vote for our country’s future.

As the social action arm of the Archdiocese of Cebu, Cebu  Caritas, Inc. is one with the entire Filipino nation in ensuring and praying for CREDIBLE, HONEST, ACCURATE, ORDERLY, AND PEACEFUL NATIONAL AND LOCAL ELECTIONS.

We enjoin everyone to be vigilant, to pray, and to offer this particular intention for the success of the electoral process. We pray for an outcome that is truly reflective of the people’s will.

May the hand of God stop the evil forces working to subvert the genuine aspirations of the electorate and defile the sanctity of the elections.

May the Spirit of God enlighten each one of us so that real hope and truth will come out of this national exercise as we look forward to our nation’s renewal towards the common good.

May our Blessed Mother, the Lady of Guadalupe, intercede for our beloved country in this crucial period of our nation’s history.

One with you in the Risen Lord,


President, Cebu Caritas, Inc.

Chairman, Commission on Service

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