“Duaw-Pangumusta”: keeping parishioners and church connected

PARISH CARITAS | The Our Lady of Consolation Parish Caritas made its second home visitation dubbed “Duaw-Pangumusta” on July 23, 2022 in the area of Inadlay, Bunlan-Talisay, Santander, Cebu.

Rev. Fr. Kit Sestoso, Parish Priest and Mrs. Jesusa J. Estaño, Parish Caritas Coordinator together with the 21 Parish Caritas volunteers and 14 area spotters conducted the said activity which covered 138 households.

The “Duaw-Pangumusta” is an organization’s course of action for keeping the parishioners connected. During the home visit, households were asked about their frequency of engagement in church activities as well as the sacraments needed for their family members.

Furthermore, this activity aims to collect the baseline data on household members that will be used for the future assessments.”D

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